Caddy Cruiser

Introducing the Caddy Cruiser 2024 - Your Ultimate Electric Cart. This sleek ride offers full customization, allowing you to choose your preferred paint, rims, tire width, and personalize the interior, from seats to floor mats. Prepare to elevate your experience with our Caddy Cruiser model. Loaded with exceptional features, it boasts a spacious and comfortable design, measuring 7.84 feet in length, 3.92 feet in width, and 5.34 feet in height, providing ample room for your adventures. With a 10-inch ground clearance and a powerful 1500 Watt motor, you'll enjoy a smooth and thrilling performance, capable of covering up to 35 to 45 miles on a single charge (although this range may vary based on weight and terrain). The state-of-the-art 24-tube controller ensures precision control, while sturdy 400-10 tires guarantee reliability. This cart offers a spacious design with two doors and roomy seating for four, efficient disc brakes, and a dependable 60v power source. You'll appreciate the convenient features, including a luggage rack, radio with speakers, headlights, taillights, horn, turn signals, disc brakes, alloy rims, alloy aluminum wheels, and a 110v standard wall outlet charger. Elevate your experience even further with a sunroof, roof-mounted spotlights, a rear-view backup camera, and air conditioning and heat to enhance your comfort during your adventures. With the Caddy Cruiser, you have the perfect canvas to create a one-of-a-kind cart that reflects your unique style and preferences.